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Our ecosystem provides a wide range of solutions that cater to projects of small, medium, and large scale.


Geo Solutions

Our solutions encompass all phases related to technological ventures and biogas plants. We are committed to leading every stage of the project, from initial conception to full detailing. In addition to closely monitoring project management, we coordinate the schedule, supervise capital investment (Capex), and provide support in the environmental licensing process. We have a team of experienced engineers tasked with effectively integrating all project stages. This includes feasibility studies, conceptual project development, and the creation of basic and executive projects. Additionally, we provide support during the implementation, commissioning, and operation of each new unit.

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Our Partners

Furthermore, we have specialized partners in the development and implementation of technological solutions in the biogas market. We offer specific and customized solutions, covering everything from equipment used in the digestion process to fleet conversion, as well as maintenance services.

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