Our Plants

Geo Elétrica Tamboara

Considered a milestone for the sector, Geo Elétrica Tamboara is the first large-scale commercial biogas production plant in Brazil to process filter cake, vinasse and straw.

Inaugurated in 2012 in partnership with Coopcana, Geo Elétrica currently produces 25,000 Nm³/d of biomethane (~23,000L  of diesel) and has 10 MW installed. The plant operates from sugarcane residues and various other agro-industrial residues. There are 2 vertical biodigesters (BVs) of 5 thousand m³ each and 3 horizontal biodigesters (BHs), 2 of which are 18 thousand m³ and 1 are 12 thousand m³.

Come live this dream with us! 

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