Do you know what biogas is?

Biogas is the raw gas naturally produced by the decomposition of organic matter. In an anaerobic environment, different microorganisms decompose organic matter, resulting in a mix of gases composed by methane (CH₄) and carbon dioxide (CO₂), mainly.

The decentralized model of biogas production in Brazil guarantees competitiveness for the molecule, since biogas plants can be installed close to the source of consumption, favoring the operation's logistics and contributing to the internalization of the gas.

How is it produced

Biogas is a fuel produced naturally from the decomposition of organic matter in the absence of oxygen at a given pH, temperature, nutrients and humidity condition.

Controlled process to maximize biogas production

Advantages of Biogas

- Reduction of greenhouse gases

- Storable energy source

- Flexible: biomethane and electricity

- Renewable and dispatchable energy

- Decentralized generation

- 100% closed and self-sustaining system

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