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About us

Geo Biogas & Tech was born from the idea and non-conformity of a small team of idealistic entrepreneurs in the 2000s here in Brazil. Enchanted by the advances in biodigestion technology and how biogas made it possible to integrate the entire production chain in the country and also help in the decarbonization of the environment, they combined the German concept of efficient gas generation with the potential of Brazilian agroindustry, tropicalizing the technology and bringing to Brazil the first biogas plant in the sugar-energy sector, which was already bigger than all the plants in Germany at that time.

At the forefront of renewable energies, Geo Biogas e Tech has become a leader in the development of the biogas chain in Brazil, innovatively transforming organic waste into clean electric energy and advanced fuels, with scale and competitiveness. Our experience and improved technology over more than a decade allows us to offer complete and tailored solutions for each of our partners.

With biogas, decarbonization is real and happening now!

Alessandro Gardemann

Alessandro Gardemann

Geo Biogas & Tech Director

Alessandro Gardemann founded Geo in 2008, when he started dedicating himself to the development of Biogas in Brazil. He was one of the founders of the Brazilian Association of Biogas (ABiogás), where he is currently the president. The executive has a degree in Business Administration from EAESP-FGV, having previously worked in the financial market.

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